To our Finish The Run Family

Thank you does not seem adequate enough to let each and every one of you who registered, donated, volunteered and/or attended our 4th annual Finish The Run event know how meaningful Sunday, September 8th was for us. While it’s true that the sun was not out, we truly think the gentle rain that fell as we gathered, then walked or ran made this year’s event feel more special than ever. Maybe it was the weather “adversity” that brought us closer--and made us feel in a more immediate way--that we were “all in this together”.

We are blown away, once again, by the love, support and community we witnessed and felt. We want you to know how incredible the day was for our family as we Finished the Run for David, and you Finished The Run for whomever was on your heart Sunday, September 8th.

We felt David’s love shining down on us and are so grateful for the love you wrapped us in.


The Forster family

Finish the Run is a movement of people creating community through events and activities that support and assist others going through life’s challenges.

Live with intention.

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